Monthly Archives: March 2012

Honda CR-V induction service York, Pa

Customer has a 1998 Honda CR-V with 169,000 miles. We are doing our Induction service which includes cleaning throttle body, idle circuit, intake runners, valves and fuel injection system....
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2000 Honda Civic Ex Engine Trouble York Pa

Ashley came in with misfire in her engine. We did a compression test and # 2 cylinder was low compared to the rest – had a burnt valve. Rebuilding motor and putting her back on the road soon 🙂...
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2011 Lexus LS600h Wheels Tire Service Pa

Customer brought in 2011 Lexus LS600h with grinding coming from passenger side wheel area. Removed wheels, and found bolt in the dust shield making the noise. Remounted wheel and tire, balanced, and installed....
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