Monthly Archives: August 2011

2007 Civic Service with over 215,000 Miles!

A 2007 Civic with 215,167 miles shows up with multiple problems check engine light is on , stalls at stops, and it vibrates very bad!! Found a faulty EGR valve which contributes to the light, and stalling. The vibration is from a torn engine mount replaced both parts, the vehicle is ready for the daily commute to Maryland . Another Continue Reading...
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Nissan Service Inspection York PA – Frame Repair and Welding

Our Tech Brian was doing a safety inspection on this Nissan Pathfinder and found two serious holes in the rear frame!! This is very scary and unsafe to drive. We decided to add new steal structure to the frame rails to fix this issue. Thank God this young college students father brought this in to us to find this problem....
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Acura RSX Engine Replacement

03 Acura RSX Type-S with blown engine. Replaced with used engine. This has a 2-year 24,000 mile parts, and labor warranty. Added a new exedy clutch, and motor mounts. Trued all rotors. Replaced four tires. Alignment was done after....
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